Help for living with CFS

The Find My Energy website is here to empower you to move through chronic fatigue, rather than being condemned to a life sentence in this state. Yet, the process of moving through can be lengthy. So, while you are travelling you will need some help for living with CFS.

And, I need to get really real with you. Whilst your ability to maintain a positive attitude of hope and determination, will help you, there is currently nobody who can guarantee a cure for your symptoms. So, yes, you are certainly looking at the possibility of living with CFS for life.

Not to depress you: that doesn’t mean you can experience no improvement. The experience of living with CFS will vary from day to day, week to week and month to month. So, you will want some tools offering you help for living with CFS.

Now, these can be actual physical aids. They can also be things that address the emotional challenges. A CFS diagnosis can feel very much as though someone just took away life as you know it. You may find it affects your relationships as well as your physical ability.

All of this is very challenging, but you will also discover that there are many, many tools that can support you. So, this section of the blog will help you work out what is available and what could be useful for you. This will empower you to reclaim a good quality of life. You can also use these tools alongside other treatments to support your recovery.

The Central Nervous System map and its relationship with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Blog post on Find My Energy website.

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The basic environment for healing your body

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There is nothing wrong with your body in CFS

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Living with CFS: advice for friends, relatives and carers. Image from the Find My Energy website.

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