Treatment for chronic fatigue

This section of the blog deals with treatment for chronic fatigue. Now, that is a loaded topic, in some ways. What do I mean by that? Simply that there is little disagreement in this area. As you research more, you will discover people with widely differing views about what counts as treatment and what does not.

You will also discover that the concept of treatment is not the same as a cure. At present, there is no scientifically proven, widely recognised cure for chronic fatigue.

However, that does not mean you need to be living with chronic fatigue for life. There are treatments available that seem to help some people. There are also people who recover completely.

You may be surprised to learn that. Perhaps you have been told that this is a life sentence and you just need to make the best of it. Many patients have simply found this is not true.

The idea that there is no scientific basis for recommending a treatment is also a little misleading. We actually understand a lot about the physical mechanisms that create fatigue in the body. Through that understanding, we also know a lot about how to alter those systems. And a good proportion of that knowledge has been demonstrated in valid scientific papers.

However, many health professionals disagree about what constitutes ‘valid’ science and what is ‘pseudo’ science.

So, in this section, we will explore all these ideas. You will learn more about what treatment for chronic fatigue is available, how this might work, and when it might not. This information should empower you to seek out things that will help you.

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