Finding My Energy Book Cover Mock Up Katie Dean

That image is the preliminary mock up of my book, entitled Finding My Energy. As you can see, it is the story of my twenty-year journey through the Chronic Fatigue maze. Covering what I learned along the way and sharing the information that could help you move towards your own recovery. Or, at the very least, help you to find more self-compassion and ease whilst you continue to experience chronic fatigue.

This page is here to serve two different audiences:

  • Those who already have a copy of the Finding My Energy manuscript
  • Those who are interested in reading the manuscript or book

So, let me talk to each of you separately…

A message for anyone who already has a copy of Finding My Energy

I imagine you have arrived here because you followed my invitation at the end of the introduction. I invited you to visit this page to download your commitment to self contract. As I explained there, this might sound like a rather strange thing to do. Yet, it is actually has power within your subconscious and will really support you as you travel through the CFS maze.

So, I am thrilled that you took my invitation seriously and have arrived here to take this important step. Just fill out the form below to get your contract…and perhaps a few other surprise gifts as well…!

For those who would like to get a copy of the book

If you arrived here because you are looking for a copy of Finding My Energy, it is currently available as a PDF manuscript. You can purchase this by following this link.

I am investigating print publishing routes and will update this page when I have further information about that.

If you are looking for help with recovery from CFS, please check out this page, or browse any of the blog posts listed below.