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Book a free bioenergetic health scan and start increasing your energy levels today.

First: click on the button below to apply for your free Bioenergetic health scan.

Next: follow the instructions from there, to create your account on the NES portal, and book an appointment for your scan. We will conduct your appointment on Zoom. So, you don’t have to travel anywhere.

Then: complete your scan. (This is a simple process that takes less than a minute and can be done from the comfort of your own home, using a computer or smartphone).

And Finally: enjoy your 30-minute Zoom appointment as I help you uncover your energy blocks and suggest simple steps you can take to begin increasing your energy immediately.

Are you really living your best life at the moment?

Are you feeling like every day is a struggle?

Maybe you see a long to-do list and half of it never gets done because you run out of energy.

Do you feel like you need more sleep, but can’t fit that in?

You wish you could be running around with your children, or spending quality time with your loved one, but at the end of the day you’re ready to collapse.

Or, have things already escalated even further and you’re at the point of complete burn out?

Book a free bioenergetic health scan and start discovering how to remove your energy blocks today
Find your energy. Book a free scan to learn how to boost your body's energy today.

What if something better was possible?

What would your life look like if you had energy on demand?

How would it feel to be able to accomplish everything you wish to do?

Who would you be spending your time with?

What activities would you be enjoying?

What dreams would you be fulfilling?

Is this just an idealistic fantasy: something that will never exist in reality?…or could you discover how to access energy on demand?


What a free Bioenergetic Health Scan can give you

A bioenergetic health scan is step one of a simple two-step process that can increase your energy and open up the potential to live the fulfilling life that you deserve.

Many of us would welcome more energy and an increased ability to complete our tasks and also enjoy life. But how do we make that happen? By doing less? Or by increasing our supply of energy?

In today’s busy world, doing less doesn’t feel like a viable option. So, most people would say, they wish to increase their supply of energy.

But, how do you do that? Well your Bioenergetic Health Scan is the first step…

Step 1

The scan takes less than a minute to perform. You will do this from the comfort of your own home, and your results are available to view immediately. It is a very simple way to assess all the areas in which your body is currently energised, and all the areas in which there is room for improvement.

During your 30-minute appointment with me, on Zoom, we will go through the scan results and help you to identify areas of your life in which you could take simple steps to increase your energy.

It will also show you where your energy is currently blocked, or not flowing, and which areas of your body-field are currently struggling. Which brings me on to…

Step 2

If the scan results resonate with how you are feeling, or where you are experiencing pain, or fatigue, or simply struggling in life, then you have the option of purchasing and taking corrective drops to clear any blockages and open your energy to move freely throughout your body, once more.

Yes, this may all sound rather “woo-woo” and “out there” – I get it! In fact, it is backed up by science. NES Bioenergetic Health practitioners have been helping people, worldwide, for over a decade. That’s thousands of people who have found their personal supply of energy on demand.

I could give you pages and pages of data and testimonials to persuade you that this will help you. But really, the best proof lies in trying it for yourself. So, I invite you to go ahead and click on the link below to take the first step…book your free bioenergetic health scan…

“I was a little sceptical about the whole process, but I tried to approach it with an open mind.

Katie gave full explanations of what the scans had shown using images which are easily understood. The session was then followed up with an email report of everything that had been discussed. She is very patient and happy for you to use elements from the results that you can comfortably work with.

Probably the best part for me is that Katie provides a safe space to explore symptoms and issues. There is no judgement, just discussions and suggestions on how I could move forward in the areas I wished to work on. Not only have a number of my M.E. symptoms improved, but I feel that I have regained some control over health and a better understanding of my condition.”

Lesley B.
My chronic fatigue story by Katie Dean

Meet your Bioenergetic Health Coach

Hello! I am Katie Dean, and I will be guiding you on your quest to find your energy and start living your most vibrant life.

Now, I discovered NES health as I was on my own journey of healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had spent twenty years of my life battling the illness and, as it turns out, working with my Bio-Energetic body was the final piece of my healing puzzle. (You can read my full story at this link).

Having experienced the wonders of Bioenergetic healing first-hand, I decided to train as a NES practitioner. So, now, I am excited to share all that I know and guide you towards your best, most energised life!

Closing thoughts…

Do you really have the energy you desire, right now?

What would your life look and feel like if you had energy on demand?

What is stopping you from seeking that energy?

Perhaps you simply didn’t know where to begin.

So, now you know we actually have a system that can analyse your energetic body, detect energy blocks and then correct them, what is stopping you from starting to find your own supply of energy on demand?

The scan is free: it is carried out from the comfort of your own home, and you will meet with me on Zoom. No money, no travel, no hassle!

So what have you got to lose…and what could you gain…?

I chose NES because I have seen amazing benefits that I wasn’t getting from “doing things perfectly”. I ate the perfect diet, exercised and took the perfect supplements, and I still wasn’t seeing the results I expected. I had no energy, couldn’t lose weight unless I juice fasted (& then it would creep back on even eating an organic whole food vegan diet). Within the first month after my first scan and on my Infoceutical protocol, I lost weight without changing a thing and my energy soared!!! This has been the missing puzzle piece! I had paid attention to my physical body (even my microbiome), but not my energetic body. I have been searching for an answer for decades to take my health to the best it can be, but if I kept ignoring my energetic body I could never achieve it. I can’t recommend this system enough!

Kim Smith, BP, CN.

Still sitting on the fence?

Are you concerned that this may all be pseudoscience? Some kind of scam that will do nothing to benefit you…or even worse? Well, the following ten-minute video should help to give you some perspective. It is a summary of the scientific research carried out by an independent university researcher at University of California, San Diego. The results he uncovered surprised him and his team…

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