The Four Levels of Creation Online Course by Katie Dean, Find My Energy

How can the Four Levels of Creation Course help you?

So, you’ve got this problem…you know…the one that’s keeping you up at night and distracting you during the day… Maybe it’s a chronic illness, or perhaps your career or relationships are stagnating. Your life feels pretty rubbish right now. But how could the Four Levels of Creation possibly help you with this?

I imagine you’ve tried many things already, and you feel there MUST be a solution…But what is it? Why is the solution so elusive? Because you are looking for the answer in the wrong place. Every problem we face in life is actually an invitation to evolve, learn and grow. But that process can only take place if you understand the powerful system that drives everything in this Universe: The Four Levels of Creation.

You already know a lot about the physical level. That’s where your problem is occurring, and that’s where you’ve been hunting for solutions. But what if your solutions isn’t located at this level? What if it’s sitting in one of the other three levels?

This course is designed to help you unlock the secrets of all four levels. Understand which part of the creative process takes place at which level. Then discover which tools you need if you want to make changes at that level. After that, it’s simply a matter of locating the level in which your problem is rooted, applying the right tools and strategies and – hey presto! – that knotty problem is going to unravel.

What do you get in the course?

Four modules that take you deep into each of the Four Levels of Creation.

Each module takes place over a week and is part self-study and part group coaching over Zoom.

So, for every module (that’s each week) you will get:

By the end of the course you will have understood how to locate the root cause of whatever problem you are bringing for resolution. You will know which tools to work with to resolve the problem and you will have a strategy outlined that you can take forward to create the transformation you’re seeking.

Going beyond this course, the Four Levels of Creation will give you a powerful model that you can apply to any problem in order to create massive transformation and growth.

Here’s what other course members are saying about the Four Levels of Creation…

“Katie’s ‘Four Levels of Creation’ course provides fascinating insights on each of the four levels and how they ‘operate’. It’s given me an understanding of how we relate to each level, how each level affects us and what we can do to make changes that endure.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning how science and spirituality are intertwined and how everything is connected. If you’re looking for insights that will help you make changes that matter, this course is a wonderful start point for exploration.”

Lynne S.

What could you gain, and what will you lose?

Are you going to start creating meaningful, lasting change right now? What will your life look like when you’ve overcome this problem? And what will it look like next year, in five years, in ten years, if you walk away from here and do nothing?

If you’re ready to transform, please enrol below and I look forward to supporting you in this incredible journey. If you would like to know a little more about the Four Levels of Creation first, then follow this link to request access to my free masterclass introducing you to this powerful model.