The Four Levels of Creation: A model for understanding and solving problems with health and wellbeing, or experiencing personal growth

What is the Purpose of the Four Levels of Creation?

The Four Levels of creation is a model that explains the creative process from a metaphysical, spiritual and scientific perspective. So, interesting as that might be, how is it helpful for you?

Well, to answer that question, let me first define the “creative process”. This is the sequence of events that takes place to bring an idea, thought or dream, to a physical reality. And what might be a few examples of this?

  • You! The Creative power behind the Universe (Source) had the idea of creating humans. You are one of the physical realities that resulted.
  • Planet Earth. Again, Source had the idea of creating a planet. Earth, our home, is the result.
  • Bringing this down to a more personal level, how about a piece of art? Or a construction, like a house? These things all begin with an idea and then follow a process to create a physical object.

This process is also heavily reliant on understanding Energy. So, if you haven’t yet read the page, What is Energy?, you should also look at that. You can find it at this link.

The thing is, when you are experiencing a problem – something that causes you to feel discomfort, pain, suffering – you are basically saying that something in your physical reality isn’t the way you would like it to be. So, that might be your health. Or it might be relationships, or your career or business.

How is the creative process relevant to that?

To answer this question, I am going to use the analogy of building a house. Imagine your dream home. Picture every aspect of it. What does it look like externally? How many rooms does it have? What is the purpose of those rooms? How is the house laid out? Go as detailed as you like.

Now, imagine that you have the funds to actually build this dream home. What steps would you need to take to bring it into reality? What is the creative process?

First, you would need to do some calculations. Work out what size your rooms are. Calculate the load-bearing capacity of the walls, the slope of the roof, and so on.

Next, you would need to put all those calculations onto a plan – the architectural blueprint for your house.

Then, you would need to find a builder to follow the plan and actually construct the house.

Broken spider's web symbolising a project that didn't work out as intended.
What if your house doesn’t look the way you imagined?

Now, having completed that process, imagine that you arrive to admire your finished house. But, oh dear, it doesn’t look the way you expected. Maybe some bits are missing, or in the wrong place. In short, you have a problem.

So, what are you going to do about it? Perhaps you shout at the builder and blame him for not following the plans properly.

But then you discover that he did follow the plan correctly. So, the plan was at fault. Did the architect miscalculate something? Or did the draftsman forget to put on some critical calculations. Perhaps the calculations got misinterpreted somewhere along the way.

Basically, if you wish to correct the problem, you need to identify its root cause. And to do that, you need to understand the creative process so that you can determine the point at which things went wrong.

Fixing the problem, using the Four Levels of Creation principle

Now, you may have a really kind, friendly builder who can see that your house isn’t as it should be, and is willing to make the necessary alterations to fix it. That’s great.

But let’s imagine there’s a wall in the wrong place, and the builder just decides to move it. Without understanding the calculations and the load-bearing principles behind the design, this kind gesture might make your problem worse. Moving a wall might cause the entire structure to collapse.

So, not only is it vital to understand where the problem occurred in the first place, it is also critical to correct the problem at the root level. So, in this example, something needs to happen before the builder moves any walls. The plans need to be amended. And, even before that, the proposed changes need to be calculated to ensure they will work.

Is this just a crazy story or is it the most important piece of information you’ll ever learn?

I’m sure you’ve followed the logic of this analogy. But you’re perhaps also feeling a little frustrated. You came here looking for a way to recover your energy, or a strategy for improving your life. Maybe you also want to build your dream home… But probably not! So, why am I wasting your time with this nonsense?

Because, rather like the unfortunate home-owner, if you’re struggling to solve your problem – alter your physical reality – the chances are, it’s because you haven’t begun addressing the root cause.

Again, that may seem obvious to you. But, are you even aware of where the root cause could be sitting?

Have you begun looking beyond your physical reality? Were you even aware that there is anything beyond your physical reality? Or, aware of what creates your physical reality?

Well, this is why you need to begin working with the Four Levels of Creation if you really wish to experience growth, transformation, lasting solutions. This model basically outlines the creative process for our Universe. That’s us (humans) and our surroundings (Planet Earth). So, it’s huge!

As I said at the top of this page, the Four Levels of Creation brings together spirituality, metaphysics and quantum science.1 And don’t panic, powerful as this is, it is also surprisingly simple. I teach this model in full in this online course, but I will give you the key “headlines” below.

The Four Levels of Creation

Briefly, before we get into the levels, I want you to appreciate two things. First, when it comes to creating a human, or a planet, this is not a “one-and-done” process. We are dealing with Energy. And Energy is in constant flow, as I explained here. So, we don’t simply go through this process once: we are constantly re-creating. You can see parts of this: you see your hair and nails grow. Your cells are also constantly evolving: a healthy person regenerates up to half their liver mass in 30 days. So, all this is great news. It gives you the potential to re-engineer your physical reality…if you know how!

Second, although, when I explain the Four Levels of Creation I have to outline the separate levels in order to explain the model, I’m not saying that this process takes place in a linear fashion. Remember how I also talked about chaos theory when I was looking at the basic principles behind Energy? Well, this is similar. The entire process is happening all at once. A change in one area can have a massive immediate impact. Or, it can take a little while to manifest physically. And, we don’t have the understanding to predict or map any of this with precision or guarantees.

A picture of the sky at dusk. A metaphor for the level of Intuition in the four levels of creation model.

The Four Levels in Brief

The four levels comprise: Unity Consciousness, the Intuitive Level, the Psycho-Emotional Level and the Physical Level.

Together, they track the formation from particle to atom, cell, organ, system, life-form. So, they make sense of the creation process from a scientific perspective.

They also explain what we mean by the Information contained in the human biofield. This Information is what will dictate the life-path of our cells, and creates our life experience. And, with an understanding of this model, it is possible to detect and correct Information that is out of balance and creating problems.

Finally, the model provides a map for understanding the various forms of Trauma that impact each of us and shape our lives.

Image of lava, representing fire, the element of change and rebirth in the Four Levels of Creation model

Using the Correct Tools

Much like the analogy of our house-building project, once you have identified the level from which your problem really stems, you will need to use the appropriate tools to correct the issue.

So, if your problem really is physical, then using tools that work at the physical level is going to bring you a solution. But if your root happens to lie at the psycho-emotional level, then physical tools won’t help. You’re not going to find a solution by changing your diet (for example). Instead, you need to work with tools like NLP.

However, those tools won’t be completely effective if the root lies at the Intuitive level. You would want to be using the NES Infoceuticals if you need to address something at that level.

If you wish to understand the details of this model, I invite you to take my free masterclass, which you can find at this link, and can watch at your leisure.

How will the Four Levels of Creation help you?

It isn’t necessary for you to understand the Four Levels of Creation if you wish to work with my coaching services. I will be tailoring your coaching to identify the level where we are going to create the most effective change, and using the tools appropriate to that level.

But if you are planning to follow a self-help (self-health) route, this model is a vital foundation. Basically, if you are circling round and round with the same problem, it will be because you haven’t (yet) located its root cause. The Four Levels of Creation model will guide you to that root cause, and help you to determine the most effective tools for correcting the problem. So, you can begin with my online course.

Otherwise, if you would like to work directly with me, one-to-one, then please choose your path from the selection below.

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  1. I was originally introduced to this model by Niki Skye. I have also brought in other information based on my personal experience, research and understanding. It forms the foundation for the tools I share through Find My Energy and the processes by which I coach people to transform and grow. ↩︎