What is energy? The answer to this can help you solve any problem!

What is Energy?

On this website, I’m inviting you to Find your Energy. Now, that’s all very well and good, but what exactly is Energy? What is it that you’re trying to find?

For me, living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) meant I was looking for the thing that would power my body to function. It turns out, that in terms of physiology, that thing is a nucleotide called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP). So, that is one form of energy that you may be seeking. It’s the energy that powers our physical body.

From a more spiritual perspective, you may be aware of Energy in the form of Chi (Qi) or Prana. (Chi is most commonly associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Prana is more commonly associated with Ayurvedic traditions.) You might be thinking this is simply a “theoretical” idea or metaphysical concept. It is not. As you are about to learn, scientific discoveries over the past century are actually explaining these ancient concepts.

So, let’s turn to science. The official scientific definition is, “the ability to do work.” That’s pretty much what I was looking for in the context of my health. The “thing” that would provide my body with the ability to carry out its expected functions: do work. If you’ve come here with a problem in your business or career, then it still makes sense to try and find your energy. You are seeking the thing(s) that will give you the ability to do work in whatever way you desire.

Starting to understand Energy

If you desire to understand more about Energy from a scientific perspective, then we need to turn to physics. And, in the context of this website, most of the foundations upon which my coaching methodology is built, come from Quantum Physics. But don’t panic. My aim is to keep things simple. I wish to provide you with an understanding of the basic foundations, and I’m going to do this through metaphor, imagery and story-telling to explain the key concepts.

Everything is Energy, Einstein Quote. Find My Energy.

Let’s Start with Albert Einstein…

Albert Einstein, (probably) the most famous founding father of Quantum Physics, is very clear on what Energy is. “Everything is Energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

And this is also the explanation behind my own personal experience. Whatever problem I have faced, I have been able to correct by working with my Energy field. And, before you think I’ve gone mad, I used to think just like you. I had no idea about Energy fields. Even less idea that I might possess one of my own.

So, what is this field? A great deal of Einstein’s work centred around the discovery that what we experience as physical matter (our bodies, the world around us), is actually compressed Energy. Or to be more specific, particles that have been attracted to one another, becoming ever more dense, until we can experience them through our five senses.

These particles still exist before we can gain sensory awareness of them. They exist in the form of waves that we can’t see/hear/touch/taste/smell. Yet, we may have a sense of them. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) refers to this sense. We talk about people being psychic, and some of you may sense the Aura around a person, or an object, or in a room. What you are sensing is Energy in its less dense form.

And, if you are interested in the scientific studies behind this idea, I’ve got some recommendations, listed in the footnotes at the bottom of this page.1

The process through which Energy becomes Matter (simplified!)

I am not going to be sharing all the scientific studies or experiments that have gone into demonstrating how this process occurs. What I want to share is simply the process itself… As a concept, in its simplest form. Not in confusing scientific jargon!

So, I want you to imagine a space of nothing (as well as you can). A particle – then two, three, four, etc., pops into this space. Particles, by nature are very lively little things and enjoy dancing around with no particular purpose.

They are also very social things and may be attracted to (or repelled by) other particles. Much like humans really! As they attract together, they become closer, denser. So, let’s now imagine that this particular set of particles are going to form a human being. As the particles cluster together, they are now forming atoms.

Applying this to humans

Atoms are also sociable and attract together. Brought together, they form cells. These cells will go on to create organs. And, if you know your biology, the organs are what make up a human being.

And did you notice that cunning switch? We moved from physics to biology. In fact, also chemistry. The complex human body is a combination of biology and chemistry. But underneath it all, lies physics. The energy field that is also part of a human. The physics doesn’t cease to exist once it has taken on a chemical and biological form. It is still there, underlying everything and, in fact controlling everything.

So, you might be asking a question right now. How do those little particles know how to form a human body? Maybe you’re saying, well that’s the DNA – our genetic coding. Yes, and… What about the physics? In essence (again, very simplistically) our DNA is information. It is the human blueprint. So, now we need to look at the field.

Energy fields (in simple terms)

Remember how I asked you to imagine the particles in a space? Well, that space is called a Field. Possibly a Morphic Field, or a Biomorphic Field, or an Energy Field.

And remember how I said particles liked to dance around randomly? Well, what is it that makes their random dance take shape and form matter with order and purpose? The answer: Information.

This Information comprises a lot of different things. Yes, the information necessary to create your physiological structure. And also the information that records your past lives, your soul mission, your thoughts, your beliefs. In other words, it informs every single aspect of who you are as an individual.

Find My Energy, transform your life.

The Butterfly Effect

Energy fields are also fractal in nature. So, we have a field for the entire universe, a field for each individual planet, each species, each individual. Then, you have a field for each organ, each system, and so on. And, in our efforts to try and comprehend this, we might look at individual fields. But in truth, they all operate together as one whole.

So, if you have ever heard of the Butterfly Effect, that is really looking at how a change in one field can impact a seemingly distinct, un-related field.

This research came Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist working in the 1960s. He recognised that a minute change in the mathematical calculations used to predict weather forecasts, could end up having a huge impact on the later weather. Quite literally, a butterfly flapping its wings in India, might cause a tiny change in air pressure that ended up resulting in a tornado in Idaho!

Spider's Web covered in frost: a metaphor for the nervous system in trauma

Chaos Theory

Lorenz’s research led to the evolution of a branch of mathematics called Chaos Theory. The basic idea is that we cannot simply look for linear cause and effect. With a complex inter-related web of fields, what we observe and experience appears far more random.

And yes, this can take you down some pretty deep rabbit holes. It all gets a little mind-blowing as you really stop to consider it. So, don’t worry about trying to get your head around all the details. I don’t think any single human being is ever going to fully understand the details: only Source – the Creative Force behind the Universe – has all the pieces of this puzzle. So, just keep things “big picture”!

Before I explain how any of this is useful to you, let me introduce just one more idea…

Image of a river flowing. A metaphor for energy flow.

A constant flow

Energy is in constant flow. It is never static. You cannot create or destroy energy, only move it from one form to another.

However, it’s flow can become blocked or distorted. That doesn’t mean the flow “stops” necessarily. It may need to re-route, in which case the flow becomes less efficient. (This can feel like “low energy”, but is really just a slower flow).

Or, you can think of this like the loss of a cell phone signal. The Information appears to be distorted or to cut out altogether, leaving the particles confused and without effective direction.

This is basically an analogy for what happens when we detect a “problem”. It isn’t so much that things have “gone wrong”. Rather, the fact that our physical experience is not matching what we desire, indicates that something is distorting or blocking the energetic flow.

This is what Einstein was talking about when he said that your reality will always match your frequency.

How do we measure flow?

Again, keeping things simplistic and metaphorical, I’ve deliberately shown you an image of flowing water. Water flows in waves. Waves have a frequency. Which means they either flow fast (high frequency) or slow (low frequency).

In this case, water is my metaphor for Energy. Particles can flow in wave form. Each particle-wave will have its own frequency. To give you a concrete example, an emotion is actually a form of energy (E-motion = Energy in motion). The emotions that we find pleasant to experience – things like love or joy – have a high frequency. The emotions that feel more challenging – for example, anger, sadness – have a low frequency.

Now, energies of the same frequency attract. So, if your field happens to be carrying a lot of low frequency emotions, your lived experience is going to feel low frequency: challenging. If you can raise your frequency, your lived experience attracts in more high frequency people and events. You literally become luckier, happier, more content. This is what Einstein meant when he was talking about your reality matching your frequency.

So, in simple terms, Find My Energy is about guiding you to identify where your energy is blocked or distorted (low frequency). Then, removing those blocks or distortions (raising your frequency). This opens the path to a higher frequency flow, and the ability to overcome your problems. Your (perceived) problems are actually simply there to invite you to raise your frequency. But if you don’t see the world through the eyes of Energy, it feels as though they are there to punish you and make life miserable.

What Happens Now?

This has just been the briefest of brief excursions into the fascinating topic of Energy. I wanted to give you a tiny flavour of why (and how) Find My Energy really can help you achieve the transformation you’re seeking in your life. So, if you’re keen to get started, then I invite you to pick a path from the options below. Which problem do you most want to address today?

Remember, it’s not essential for you to understand all of this in order for it to work. The main thing is that I am able to guide you! Equally, I know I feel more comfortable when I have a sense of how things work. So, if you would like to explore further and go deeper on your own, I’ll explain how to do that, down below.

How is any of this discussion of Energy relevant to your situation?

If you’ve been struggling with a problem for a long time, the way I see it, a few things are possible:

  • You simply haven’t been looking or trying very hard to find a solution
  • You’ve been looking in the wrong places and you’re missing a piece of the puzzle
  • There is no solution and you should give up and accept your problem and just make the best of it.

Now, I don’t know which of those applies to you. But I have been offering this idea of Energy to invite you to take a new perspective on yourself and the world around you. This is an invitation to consider whether Find My Energy actually has the missing puzzle pieces for you.

My own experience has taught me that, when I was seeking recovery from CFS, I was looking only in the physiological space. I wanted to locate which organ or system had gone wrong in my body. Ideally, to also find the pill I needed to set it right. My personal breakthrough came when I stopped focusing on trying to get rid of my symptoms, and began looking at what creates energy. This new perspective gave me the tools to find a solution.

And it led me to appreciate the following foundational building blocks:

Whole Person Health

As I said above, your energy field contains a huge amount of information. This includes information that relates to your physical body, to your mind, to your emotions and to your soul or spirit. So, if you want to resolve a problem, you need to make sure you are checking for distortions in ALL of those areas, not just focusing on one. To explore this idea in more depth, follow this link.

The Energy Maze

This is a simple concept, linked to the idea of Whole Person Health. Your Energy field is unique. The imbalances and distortions that need correcting are going to be unique. The process of correcting them is also unique to you. So, although we may all have common “paths”, the paths you, personally, need to take in order to move from point A (your problem) to point B (your solution) are going to look rather like travelling through a maze. First, we need to identify the paths that create forward-progress for you. Then you also need to walk those paths. This is a process, not an event. To explore this idea in more depth, follow this link.

The Four Levels of Creation

Earlier, I also mentioned just how many different types of Information are contained in your field. We can actually understand this using a model called the Four Levels of Creation. Not only does this help to map out your personal Energy Maze, it also guides you towards the paths on which you need to focus to get the fastest – and best – results. To explore this model in more depth, follow this link.

The Tools for Transformation

I also mentioned that, once we had identified your blocks and distortions, we need to focus on correcting them. Basically, on moving you from a low-frequency reality to a higher-frequency reality. So, how do we do this?

One tool is Bio-energetics. And I have explained this in a little more detail at this link.

The second “tool” is really a collection of tools that I use as a package of Transformational Coaching. Again, these are all focused on removing the Energy blocks and distortions to help you enjoy a higher-frequency flow in your life. You can find out more about the way this works by following this link.

What if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these new ideas?

I appreciate that you probably don’t have the time to dive deep right now. Or maybe you simply don’t have the energy to dive in. So, I’ve got a simple solution for you. I’ve put together a simple – completely free – email course that will guide you through the basics, in your own time. If you feel like Find My Energy could have something to offer you, then I invite you to follow this link and leave your details. I will then drop the information you need directly into your inbox where you can consider it at your leisure.

Find your energy. Book a free scan to learn how to boost your body's energy today.

The best part for me is that Katie provides a safe space to explore symptoms and issues. There is no judgement, just discussions and suggestions on how I could move forward in the areas I wished to work on. Not only have a number of my CFS symptoms improved, but I feel that I have regained some control over health and a better understanding of my condition.

— Lesley B.
Image of a flower, inspiring positivity, on the Find My Energy website. Chronic Fatigue help.

Within two weeks I wasn’t feeling tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I take a new scan and get my latest Infoceuticals. As I feel better in myself, this is feeding through and I have more energy to put into my business, so that is benefitting too. This is really getting to the root of the problem and it feels amazing!

— Kate S.
Find My Energy, transform your life.

Katie is a wonderfully warm and supportive individual. She is always ready to listen, very knowledgeable and offers great advice when needed. I like the fact that she also is straight speaking and not afraid to call me out or push me when she knows I need it. I’ve leaned on Katie as a mentor and found her invaluable.

— Chloe S.
  1. Biocentrism by Dr Robert Lanza demonstrates how we create our own reality. We are not simply dropped into a pre-existing Universe. Everything we experience is created by us, both individually, and as a part of Universal consciousness.
    The Holographic Universe by Dr Michael Talbot draws upon the work of physicists David Bohm (one of Einstein’s protege’s) and Karl Pribram. This work explains how things like psychic experiences, out of body experiences, near death experiences, precognition have scientific rationale. They are not simply fantasy or the ravings of a lunatic mind!
    The Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) has been researching psychic phenomena for many decades, using scientific methodologies.
    The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) also brings together scientific studies focusing on the human biofield – or Energy field. ↩︎