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“Everything is Energy. That is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help by get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Those words are attributed to Albert Einstein. And really, they are a fancy way of saying that whatever challenges you face in life, their root lies in understanding Energy. What it is, how it flows, how it gets blocked. Unlock those secrets and you open the door to abundance in all areas. So, that is what the Find My Energy website is here to help with: finding energy on demand and experiencing the health, wealth and happiness that naturally results from that flow.

How Can Find My Energy Help You?

Whoever you are, you landed here at Find My Energy for a reason. Based on average human behaviour (and my own experience), I’m guessing you’re here because you have a problem and you would like to find the solution. Most of us don’t look for growth until we start encountering something which makes us feel bad, or deprives us of things we want to be doing, or enjoying, or achieving. Maybe you’ve already burnt out, or maybe you’re just frustrated, stuck, frozen in a repeating pattern of disappointment. The chances are (if you’re anything like I was) your life has started to feel so bad that you really need to do something about it.

However, the fact that you’re reading this, tells me that you believe you can find a solution. Something inside you believes that you can bring in the health, or success, or whatever it is that you really desire. Just pause and imagine it right now: how will your life look, sound, feel, smell, taste when you have overcome the problem that brought you here? Well, that hopeful little voice that’s painting the positive picture you’re currently imagining, is correct. You can break through whatever is keeping you stuck right now – you just need to know how.

So, here you are, on that precipice, wavering between desperation and hope and wondering if Find My Energy could be your solution, your opportunity to spread your wings and fly…

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Katie Dean

Get to know your Energy guide: Katie Dean, PhD.

After graduating from Cambridge University, I originally worked as a corporate strategy consultant, solving problems for businesses of all sizes and across many different industries. I worked with every level, from unknown start ups to FTSE100 businesses that are household names.

A few years into that career, I burned out, and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It took me 20 years to recover my energy, but during that time, I also built my own solopreneur business which supported me financially and paid for the treatment that allowed me to recover from CFS.

This experience was transformational for me, and I knew I wanted to share it to help others. So, (by now, in my late 40s!) I trained as a Bioenergetic and Transformational coach and I now use my skills and personal experience to help bring transformation to the lives of people who are experiencing the types of problems that I managed to overcome.

Choose the path that fits your needs

Now, if you are ready to dive straight in and find out exactly how to begin making your desired transformation today, you can pick the path you need from the three options below. If you would like to understand a little more about this concept of working with Energy, then just keep scrolling down, and we can start looking at the broad ideas behind this transformational practice.

The Tools and Concepts Behind Find My Energy

Now, when you work with me, you will be following the path that speaks to your particular struggles. Each path will be unique, and also underpinned by some common ideas and themes. So, let me offer you the opportunity to explore those a little more deeply, before you delve into the coaching and self-development opportunities that will support you.

Find My Energy works on the principle that you are a unique individual, and your success depends on being able to find your unique path to transformation: The Energy Maze. In order to overcome any problem, we need to identify and create transformation at the root cause: The Four Levels of Creation. The tools with which we use for breaking through and creating lasting change are, Bioenergetics and Transformational Coaching.

Image of a natural landscape. Metaphor for whole person health. Solving problems needs to address issues at all levels of the human. Find My Energy, Katie Dean.

Working with Whole Person Health

You may have heard other people talking about this idea of Whole Person Health. Or perhaps the concept of Holistic healing. But what does it actually mean?

Human beings have a body, mind, emotions and soul. Yet, traditionally, we have tended to treat all these parts as if they exist separately.

In reality, these four parts are intimately related in a complex web that creates the whole human. So, even though we may experience a challenge in one part (e.g., physical pain in the body), its root cause may lie in another part. As long as we are focusing on different parts separately, we’re missing critical keys to help us overcome our problems and thrive. So, how can this idea help you with your unique problem…?

Find My Energy Logo: helping you find the path out of your low energy maze

Working with The Energy Maze

I initially developed the Energy Maze concept as a way of conceptualising Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), but I then realised that the principles apply to all of the problems that I help people to overcome.

Any given problem – whether it’s a health condition, a personal growth challenge, or a business issue – may be experienced by many different people. But the precise way in which their problem manifested will be unique to each of them. So, too will the solution for overcoming the problem.

It’s a bit like looking at a maze… There you are, in the bottom left, with your problem. You know you can overcome your problem by finding your way to the exit point at the top right. You have probably already met many people who are trying to tell you how to do that. Think of these as paths. The question you’re trying to answer is, which is the path – or set of paths – that you need to take? Your maze is unique. Your path out will be unique to you. Find My Energy respects that fact. This isn’t about fitting you into a box. It’s about understanding your unique maze and guiding you through it.

Hyacinth Flower Growing: the Four Levels of Creation

The Four Levels of Creation

The logic behind this concept is simple. If you wish to locate the root cause of a problem, it is a good idea to understand the process of creation.

The best way I can explain that is with a metaphor. Imagine you decide you wish to build your dream home. The process of creating that is going to pass through several levels. First, the idea: what is your home going to look like? Second, the calculations: how big will it be, how many rooms, what is the load bearing structure of the walls, etc…? Third, the blueprint: a drawing that puts all this information down on paper. Fourth, building: the physical process of constructing all the elements of your home.

But what if your finished house doesn’t look how you imagined it? Clearly, there’s been some kind of problem in the creative process. Now, if you want to fix that, you first need to work out where the problem occurred. Then, use the appropriate tools to correct it. For example, you wouldn’t use a calculator to replace a window. Neither would you use a hammer to alter the blueprint!

We can apply this metaphor to the process of creating anything: a human body, a new business plan, a more confident “you”. But rather than using the tools of architecture and building, we are working with a model that brings in physics, metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality…

Exit Glacier, Alaska. Transformational coaching is all about changing your perspective to open up new pathways. Katie Dean, Find My Energy website

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching is all about making fundamental change at the root level, not just tinkering with things on the surface.

Let’s take an example from nature: the glacier. A glacier doesn’t grow by adding more ice onto the end of it. No: it grows when more snow falls at the top, compacts down into ice and forces the entire structure to move forwards.

Personal growth and business evolution works in the same way. Simply learning a new negotiating strategy, or building a better sales funnel won’t create fundamental change on their own. You also need to transform and upgrade the thought patterns, behaviours and biases that underlie all your processes…the subconscious programs we run without awareness, which end up creating repeating patterns in all areas of life.

That might sound like a daunting task, but with the right tools, you can affect fundamental transformations on the spot.

Image of the biofield. Find My Energy website.

What is Bioenergetics?

The physical body is the biological and chemical mass at the centre of a field of Energy (your biofield). Particles have compressed to form atoms, then cells, then organs, systems and an entire biological mass that we call the body.

How do the particles know what form of mass to create? By following the Informational blueprint in the biofield. We all have access to a perfect blueprint, but physical, mental and emotional challenges we experience can end up creating distortions in our biofield which obscure this optimal blueprint and result in symptoms which we label as disease.

The bioenergetic system in which I am certified (NES Health), uses technology to scan your biofield and detect any imbalances in the information and energy flow. We then use a simple protocol to correct any issues and, over time this allows your physical cells to regain access to the optimal blueprint, allowing them to regenerate in a healthier form. In turn, this paves the way for physical symptoms to resolve.

This is not an “alternative” to medicine based in biology and chemistry. It is a powerful additional layer that works on the root causes of issues to provide long-term resolution.

Ready To Bring On Transformation With Find My Energy…?

Now you’re getting a sense of the big picture tools and concepts behind Find My Energy, it’s time to dive into some details. Pick the path that is going to help you overcome your current challenge…

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The best part for me is that Katie provides a safe space to explore symptoms and issues. There is no judgement, just discussions and suggestions on how I could move forward in the areas I wished to work on. Not only have a number of my CFS symptoms improved, but I feel that I have regained some control over health and a better understanding of my condition.

— Lesley B.
Image of a flower, inspiring positivity, on the Find My Energy website. Chronic Fatigue help.

Within two weeks I wasn’t feeling tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I take a new scan and get my latest Infoceuticals. As I feel better in myself, this is feeding through and I have more energy to put into my business, so that is benefitting too. This is really getting to the root of the problem and it feels amazing!

— Kate S.
Find My Energy, transform your life.

Katie is a wonderfully warm and supportive individual. She is always ready to listen, very knowledgeable and offers great advice when needed. I like the fact that she also is straight speaking and not afraid to call me out or push me when she knows I need it. I’ve leaned on Katie as a mentor and found her invaluable.

— Chloe S.

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