Interviews with Katie Dean, Find My Energy

Interviews with Katie

Check out these interviews with Katie to find out more about her story and how she can help you recover from burnout and chronic fatigue

I love sharing my story and helping others to find their own recovery path. So, if you have a podcast or YouTube channel and would like to interview me, please get in touch!

Below, I have included links to the interviews I have already done, and to any that are upcoming. (And, if you’re looking for my own YouTube channel, you can find it at this link.)

Interviews on YouTube

Check out some of the interviews I’ve done for other YouTube channels. Each one is packed with tips and help for working through whatever problems you may be facing in your own life, using the power and tools of Energy!

Interviews with Katie Dean. Nicola Richardson and Katie talk about burnout and chronic fatigue in the workplace

Workplace burnout

Exploring burnout and chronic fatigue in the workplace. How can you avoid this? What are the indicators and what can you do if you’re already burned out or living with CFS?

Find answers to all those questions and more, in this lovely chat I had with my good friend Nicola Richardson, the People Mentor.

Jane Mott interviews Katie Dean in a fascinating discussion about bioenergetics

Bioenergetics for holistic health

Exploring Bioenergetics and how it can help you from a holistic perspective, with Jane Mott, beauty coach.

So, we talked about how the Information we all carry in our biofield can end up determining our physical health. Once you become aware of your biofield, it is perfectly possible to correct any imbalances. So, you can begin to thrive and enjoy optimal health, at any age.