Kolorlan System: a blueprint for wholeness and metamorphosis using Sacred Geometry

So, “Sacred geometry”…what is that? It’s a term that has become associated with the New Age or Hippie movement. Perhaps you are thinking it’s just some crazy notion that’s supposed to sound “cool” or somehow mysterious and powerful and intriguing. That’s probably what I would have thought about the term a few years ago. And, yes, it can certainly be used in that way. It can be presented and used as some deep mystery with magical powers that you will never be allowed to understand unless you initiate into a cult. And, to be perfectly honest, if someone is offering you something like that, I would recommend backing away. Or, if you do insist on proceeding, please do so with extreme caution.

Just to be crystal clear… The Kolorlan System is not a cult! There is no special initiation required, and I will not be sharing any magic powers with you…at least, none that you don’t already possess within yourself! So, with that background in place, let’s get back on track…

What is Sacred Geometry?

Literally, it is the building blocks of our Universe. It is fair to say that, at present, humanity as a whole, understands very little about this. And I am not here to offer you any new breakthroughs!

The knowledge that we do have comes from two distinct, and seemingly unrelated areas: metaphysics/theology/spirituality, and quantum physics/mathematics.

Exploring some of the Metaphysical and Spiritual ideas behind Sacred Geometry

From the metaphysics/theology/spirituality perspective, Dr Robert Gilbert, PhD., describes Sacred Geometry as “the thought-forms of God.” Literally, this is looking at geometric shapes and interpreting their symbolism. What geometric shapes? Commonly, it’s the five Platonic solids:

  • Tetrahedron (4-sides, triangles)
  • Cube (6 sides, squares)
  • Octahedron (8 sides, triangles)
  • Icosahedron (20 sides, triangles)
  • Dodecahedron (12 sides, pentagons)

These five three-dimensional shapes were introduced to the world by Plato. They are believed to represent the five basic elements: fire, earth, air, water and ether (spirit). Each has deep meanings, but we will return to that idea later on.

Science and Sacred Geometry

Before we get on to some of the Sacred Geometry ideas, I want to point out some fascinating scientific research in this area. Yes, the concept of Sacred Geometry is metaphysical. No, we can’t explain the “mechanics” of how it works…necessarily. But the Egyptian scientist, Dr Ibrahim Karim has been studying and using Sacred Geometry for several decades.

During that time, his work has been subject to a number of scientific studies in different areas relating to health. In fact, it appears that this “Biogeometry” could become the next frontier in medicine…eventually! Biogeometry is the science of creating and enhancing power spots within the energy body. This relates to the Torus, which I explain in more detail below. In essence, we have a centre of self-sustaining power within our body. When that centre is enhanced and optimised, we enjoy optimal energy and all our systems function at peak levels.

That probably sounds too good to be true. But several scientific research projects have demonstrated mind-blowing results. Among many projects, the Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project trialled the biogeometry tools alongside pharmaceutical treatments, herbal treatments and Chinese medicine. The Biogeometry out-performed all other treatments, resulting in a 90% normalisation of enzyme levels and a complete clearance of the viral load.

You can learn more about Dr Karim’s work in his book, Back to a Future for Mankind: Biogeometry.

The Sacred Geometry of Planet Earth

What is our physical planet made from? Those five basic elements. Our geography is earth, air, fire and water. Fascinatingly, in the 1950s, a British natural biologist called Ivan Sanderson, made the case for the idea that Planet earth is based upon the dual shapes of the Icosahedron and Dodecahedron. His work was developed by Bill Becker and Bethe Hagen, along with Chris Bird, in the 1970s. The result: the Becker-Hagen grid system.

The Becker-Hagen Planetary Grid System

Essentially, when we pinpoint key geographic points on Planet Earth, starting with the Giza Plateau in Egypt, we end up with a map of geometric lines that precisely matches an icosahedron overlaid by a dodecahedron. The key points relate to what New Age theory would term Energy centres, and the lines in the geometry match the New Age ley lines. So, we’re talking about places of energetic significance, like Stone Henge in England.

So, is any of this actually true? Well, many people are very clear that it is “pseudoscience”. (Want to know more about pseudoscience? Then follow this link.) So, I’m not telling you what to believe. I invite you to explore.

The Sacred Geometry of the human body – Grid of Life

So, if our planet (allegedly) has a geometric structure underpinning it, what about the human body? Yes, spiritual and metaphysical ideas suggest a few different (not necessarily exclusive) geometric models for the human body. First, just a note: if you flatten out the “net” of a cube, you end up with a cross (four squares in vertical alignment and two squares horizontally on either side). Not only is this symbolism within many religions, it also equates to a person standing upright with their arms outstretched. So, there we have one idea: the cube as a “thought-form” for a human.

Tree of Life Grid

The traditional Jewish Kabbala details a grid with ten key energy centres. This maps onto the human body, stretching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. In some versions, the bottom point was located at the level of the feet, creating a more elongated “tree”.

This also loosely maps to the Chakra system found in Eastern traditions. That seven key Chakras are located from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head, and each is associated with a colour.

Interestingly, modern research has noted that these key Chakra centres also map to key points in the Central Nervous System of the physical body. So, whilst some people see them as “conceptual” ideas, these energy centres might actually relate to the physical body and organs more closely than we realise.

The key point: these are energy centres which, when healthy and aligned, allow our flow of life-force energy so we feel good and perform well on all levels.

When you break this grid down, it is formed from geometric shapes: triangles and rectangles.

The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body – The Pentagon

Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Sacred Geometry

Then, we also have another famous geometrical idea…this one from Leonardo da Vinci. This is based upon the study of the perfect human form. Da Vinci discovered that, if you place a pentagram – five-sided star – inside a circle, the points of the star will create the perfectly proportioned human figure. The Vitruvian Man.

Some see this as nothing more than a useful tool for the artist. Others believe it has deeper signficance. Specifically, the idea that the pentagram could be the “thought-form of God” for the human being.

Then, there are also the more sinister interpretations of this particular geometry. The pentagram has also been associated with the dark arts, witchcraft and Satanic rituals. Even this, though, speaks to the idea of dark and light: in this case, the distortion of geometry for the purposes of darkness.

Before I bring in a third idea relating to the Sacred Geometry of the human form, let me introduce you to dimensions.

Introducing Dimensions

The Kolorlan System provides you with geometrically-based shapes and mandalas to colour. So, how do these fit into Sacred Geometry?

Geometric cards from the Kolorlan System. Sacred Geometry explored.

In order to understand this, we need to talk about dimensions. You are familiar with the idea of a two-dimensional shape, for example, a square. It is flat. In two dimensions, we have a limited range of movement: forwards, backwards, left or right.

You are also familiar with the idea of three-dimensional shapes. So, for example, a square becomes a cube when it is viewed in three-dimensional space. Basically, we have introduced another range of movement: up and down.

So, let’s think of these ranges of movement as perceptions. We live on a 3-dimensional planet, so we can perceive the basic three dimensions of all the objects on that planet. If we were to be living in a two-dimensional world, we would be rather like a cartoon character. We would be flat and we would perceive everything else as flat too.

Now, what about expanding our perception to another dimension? That would take us to 4D. So, if we already have left, right, front, back, up and down, what else is there?


Well, that requires us to move outside the material world. The fourth dimension is something that we cannot see or otherwise experience with our basic five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) because they are only aligned with the 3D world. We’re beginning to move into the realm of what people term extra-sensory perception (ESP). In other words, our super-senses or so-called psychic abilities.

A 4-dimensional image called the Tesseract

The Tesseract is a cube in which we have created another (fourth) dimension. We’ve done this by taking a new direction of travel outwards from the corner points of the cube. We end up with a cube inside a cube, except that, from a 3D perspective, we wouldn’t be able to see this. We could either view the outer cube and be unaware of the inner cube, or we might perceive the inner cube and be unable to see the outer cube.

Except, by viewing it as a 2D drawing, we can see all the components flattened down. Depending on how good your spatial awareness is, you may or may not be able to perceive the cube within the cube from the 2D drawing. And how about being able to imagine that shape moving and spinning around?

So, let’s take this back out to the human. Some people with psychic abilities can see the human aura. This is an energy field around the human body. Does it really exist, though?

Well, let’s just consider planet Earth. That also has an energy field around it – the electro-magnetic field. We cannot see that…until it is made visible by the Northern Lights. When solar particles from the sun come into conact with the earth’s electro-magnetic field, we can see this. We see the particles moving and dancing, illuminating the constant movement and pattern of the Earth’s field.

How does this relate to geometric shapes?

In each dimension, we are viewing a shadow, or limited perspective, of the higher dimension. So, in 2D we view a square. In 3D this same shape becomes a cube. In 4D, it becomes a tesserate. And we have unlimited dimensions.

They are not “places”, but are states of awareness or perception. So, here’s an intriguing idea for you to ponder. If you are willing to consider that UFOs do actually exist (in other words, they’re not just a figment of the imagination, or a hallucination, or similar), then could they be visitors from another dimension? Could their seemingly erratic movement, and ability to become visible then invisible, be because we only see the parts that are 3D? I don’t have the answer to that. I’m just inviting you to explore.

Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry symbolism

Taking this idea a step further. When you are looking at complex mandalas, like those you’re colouring in the Kolorlan System, might these be 2D representations of an object from a higher dimension?

What if, say, the Flower of Life symbol wasn’t just a pretty design? What if, in, say, the 5th dimension, or the 8th dimension, it was an actual object? And what if that object had some meaningful purpose, something that we just don’t yet see or understand from our perspective, locked in 3D awareness.

Interestingly, this idea is something that Edwin Abbott explored in his book, Flatlands. In the book, we have 2D characters arguing with 3D characters about the nature of reality. Each has a different perspective, and each perspective is real, valid and truthful…from within their respective dimensions.

Could there be a lot more to life than we understand right now? And where might Sacred Geometry fit into that?

Sacred Geometry of the Human Form – the Torus

The Sacred Geometry of the human form - the torus

Pulling together a few of these strands, let me introduce you to the Torus. In 2D, this shape is a dot – the zero point, zero dimension, from which all creation comes – within a circle. The Circle represents the edge or boundary of the Universe. This symbolises the process of creation from the Creator Being in the centre, with energy flowing to the edge and back to the centre.

In 3D form, this shape becomes a torus (a donut). The creative force in the middle acts like a channel of energy, creating a natural self-sustaining flow from the centre up (or down) and around the outer edge of the torus/donut.

This is the shape of the Earth’s magnetic field, interestingly. It is also depicted as the shape of the human aura. And the central channel contains the Chakras, or energy systems for the vital life-force.

So, once again, in this simple shape, we have the symbolism for life itself and the self-sustaining energy that keeps us alive. The idea exists on the “macro” (grand) level of the planet, as well as the “micro” (individual) level of each human being.

Ideas from the realm of physics and mathematics

Now, you might be wondering what qualifies a historian (me) to talk about mathematics and physics? Well, funnily enough, I studied pure mathematics and further mathematics at A-level. And, I almost applied to read mathematics at Cambridge University… I’m glad I took the decision to apply to read history, but I have always retained an interest in the subject. This came in very useful when I was studying for my certification in bioenergetics. Many of the principles underlying the NES system, are rooted in quantum physics, which I find utterly fascinating!

So, let’s get back on track here. What can mathematics and physics teach us about Sacred Geometry?

A quick introduction to fields

In essence, the smallest, most basic elements of our Universe are particles. They exist in a “space” which we call a Field. Again, this is very simplified, but according to the second law of thermodynamics, particles in a field will dance around randomly, with no particular purpose… Until you introduce some sort of Information into that field.

What is Information? Basically, it is something that directs the particles to behave in a specific, ordered way. So, for example, if you could zoom in on our human body, you would eventually get to the level at which it is just particles in a field. Once you tell those particles that they need to form a human, they will begin to assemble into the atoms, then cells, then organs, then systems, that make up our physical body. So, this process of assembly takes us from a realm in which the laws of physics explain what is happening, to a realm in which the laws of biology and chemistry can explain what is going on.

BUT, the realm governed by physics – the basic field of energy – underlying the chemistry and biology, still exists and is still having an impact. You see, those particles don’t stop moving once they are directed. Our physical body is constantly creating and re-creating itself. We notice this most with elements like our hair and nails which we can see growing. But all our cells and organs are constantly growing and dying and re-growing at different rates.

What is this Information?

This process of creation and recreation is directed by the Information in our field. The Information that tells the particles of energy what a human body should be. Assuming that Information is accurate, we have a perfectly formed, perfectly functioning human being.

The same idea applies to the entire planet. On this level, we’re observing the constant recreation through the seasons. Trees and plants grow, die back, re-grow. The Information – or blueprint – for a planet is (obviously) going to be different to that of the human, but the principle is the same.

So, what exactly is this Information? Well, that’s what us humans have been trying to work out forever! If you ask a priest, they will tell you, it’s God. If you ask a scientist, you may end up with some explanation of the Big Bang Theory and a complex chain of “seemingly random” events that led to us and our Planet. At least, that’s one set of scientists.

Ask a different set of scientists and you’ll receive the answer “consciousness”. In other words, none of this exists as an “entity”, it is something we are creating and experiencing in real-time via our thoughts and perceptions. And here we reach a point where science and metaphysics coincide. Also, a point where your head may start to explode! So, I’m not going to take that train of thought any further at the moment. If you do wish to explore it (and I recommend doing so), then start by looking at the book, Biocentrism, by Robert Lanza. Not every scientist agrees with his ideas, but he is a “bona fide” scientist, so this is not pseudo-science to which I’m directing you.

Meet the Amplituhedron

Let’s get back to those particles dancing in their field. In that state, they have the potential to become any number of things. Given a specific set of parameters, some outcomes are more likely than others. So, is there a way to calculate this?

Yes, for many years, mathematicians used the work of Richard Feynmann, and a complex set of equations which calculated something called “scattering amplitudes”. In other words, of all potential outcomes, which one was most likely to occur?

In 2013, two mathematicians, named Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka made a discovery. They discovered that a geometric shape, which they named the Amplituhedron, could simplify all of the complex Feynmann calculations. Apply this geometry, and you can gain an accurate answer to the question of what the particles are likely to become. (And yes, my explanation is incredibly simplified!)

Since 2013, this idea has been subjected to many checks, and it still seems to hold true. It led Anil Ananthaswamy to proclaim in the New Scientist, issue 29, July 2017, that this theory suggests that the nature of the Universe may be explained through geometry.

Now, isn’t that interesting? Here was have metaphysical studies suggesting that geometric shapes are the “thought forms of God” and foundation of the Universe. And, now through this research, mathematicians and physicists suggesting that a geometric shape may unlock the key to understand how our Universe was formed.

Ever heard of Cymatics?

I don’t know if you’ve ever come across something called Cymatics? This will basically give you some visual imagery. Think of it as a way to “see” the invisible geometry that underlies elements of our experience. In these experiments, a plate of sand or sometimes iron filings, is exposed to a sound of a particular frequency. And guess what happens? The sand automatically shifts and arranges itself into a geometric pattern.

Thie higher the frequency of sound, the more complex the geometric shapes that become visible. Take a look in this short video – click this link to view it. It’s fascinating, right?

Well, here’s the funny thing: it’s not only sand or iron filings that respond to sound. In this short video, you can see geometric patterns forming in water, in response to sound frequencies. (Click here to watch the video).

The Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto documented his discoveries about the impact of sound on water in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water. And the Australian researcher, Veda Austin, has been carrying out some incredible research into water, which you can find here on her website.

Why is this interesting or significant? 71% of the Earth’s surface is water. When you note that there is also water held in the air, the soil, rivers, lakes, icecaps, that’s a LOT of water making up our planet. Then, think about your own human body. That is, on average, about 60% water – possibly up to 70-75%: it varies according to factors like age, weight, health. Interestingly, our bones are 22% water, muscles are 76% and blood is 83% water. Our lungs are 90% and brains 95% water. That’s a lot of water!

Food for thought…

And consider this: cymatics is just showing what happens when water is exposed to frequencies of sound. What about fequencies of light? Or any of the other many frequencies in our environment? Is that creating geometry too? And what Information is that geometry sharing? How is it impacting the way in which our particles are organising themselves into our physical experience?

Masaru Emoto’s work shows that certain frequencies create very ugly, distorted geometric patterns in water. What if that were a representation of disease in the physical, emotional or mental bodies?

I don’t have answers to any of those questions. But I do invite you to explore and remain curious. Yes, this might just be bunkum. Then again, it might be powerful information that could help humanity.

A Few Thoughts to Conclude

So, let me just summarise things and offer you an idea to ponder. Let’s just suppose that your physical experience is just one level of perception. And, if that is true, then maybe there are other levels that are still impacting your experience, but which you cannot consciously perceive. Now, let’s call those levels the “energetic” levels. They’re some sort of field of “stuff” that you can’t detect with your basic five senses. Maybe you can detect them with what we could call “sixth senses”. Or maybe not. Then again, perhaps you are aware of this some of the time, or just in certain situations.

Now, what if we were to describe this field as being like a net made from geometric shapes? Those shapes dictate how particles create your physical reality. Hypothetically, if those shapes were to be changed or altered, even slightly, then your physical experience might also change.

So, now, let me ask you a question. What if your geometry has become a little distorted? Perhaps one of the sides of a square has developed a “bump” so it’s no longer a straight line. Or maybe one of the corner angles got a little knocked off its perfect ninety-degree alignment. Could that impact your biology? Would it impact how you perceive yourself – perhaps you believe yourself to be unworthy or unlovable? Or does it work the other way around? If you develop a distorted perception of yourself, does that then show up in your underlying geometry, if we were able to see it?

How does this relate to the Kolorlan System

I don’t have definitive answers to any of the questions I’ve just raised. My personal experience suggests that there is a very real link between the geometry (Information) of our energy body, and our lived physical experience. But I’m not here to tell you what to believe. I’m just inviting you to grow your perception and awareness. Become curious. Maybe explore.

The Kolorlan System invites you to engage in gentle self-exploration. To use shape and colour to consider different aspects of your inner world. Become aware of how you react to your outer world. Once you can see these patterns, you have choices. Maybe there are some you wish to change. Others that you simply need to accept.

I am not making any claims about the system. It may be nothing more than an opportunity to relax and colour. At the very least, you can end up with some beautiful art. Or some greetings cards to send to friends and family. But what if it was also doing something more?

You don’t need to understand the “how” behind the system. If the idea of colouring these geometric shapes appeals to you, then just give it go. See what happens for you…!

If you’re curious to find out, I have three options for you…Which one are you going to choose?

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