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Check out the Find My Energy YouTube Channel to increase your understanding about recovery from burnout and CFS

The Find My Energy YouTube channel features various playlists designed to help you explore particular areas of recovery in more depth. For example, if you are mapping out your recovery path and want to understand whether something like yoga therapy or meditation could help you, maybe you check out the expert interviews to learn more about those modalities.

Or, you might want to understand more about the energy maze and recovery path. Well, I have some playlists that can help you with that too!

Why YouTube?

Everyone learns in different ways, and I know that CFS can come with a lot of brain fog. This can make it difficult to absorb written information. So, I like to try and offer you different ways to learn. If you are happier reading, then make sure to check out the articles on my blog (follow this link to do that).

If you prefer to learn through watching and listening, then the YouTube videos will help you. I have a lot of fun creating the graphics for some of them, so make sure to check those out!

Popular Videos

To help you get started, here are a few of my most popular videos… I will update these every so often, but for maximum benefit, make sure you subscribe to my channel. And remember to hit the notification bell so you hear whenever I create a new video.

Introduction to the Find My Energy website on YouTube

Introduction to the Find My Energy website

This may have been the first YouTube video I created, but it is still one of the most-viewed. If you want to understand why I created the Find My Energy project, this is the video to watch!

Yoga therapy to support recovery from CFS and burnout.

Have you ever thought about trying yoga therapy?

In this interview with Sue Skelton, we discuss what yoga therapy is (and isn’t!) and how it can be a powerful tool for supporting recovery from chronic fatigue and burnout.

What's blocking your recovery from CFS? Find My Energy website

What does recovery really feel like?

This is such an important video. If you don’t understand what the recovery path really looks and feels like, you’re going to end up accidentally self-sabotaging!

The power of meditation for supporting health and recovery from CFS, burnout and other chronic conditions.

Meditation is such a powerful tool for recovery, but is it right for you?

I did a wonderful interview with Ruth Watkins, about the power of meditation in supporting recovery from chronic fatigue, burnout and any number of other health conditions.