The Kolorlan System: a blueprint for wholeness and metamorphosis

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Introducing the Kolorlan System

The Kolorlan System is something you can enjoy on different levels. If you are looking to recover your energy and vitality, then you can use this system to support that. I used it to support my own recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). And, if that is your aim, you will want to use the Kolorlan System pack that I have created for the purpose of reconnecting you to yourself. More on that in a moment…

For those of you who are already full of energy and were just attracted to the shapes and colours, you can also use Kolorlan to explore your creative side. You can still use the Kolorlan System pack, especially if you are also interested in journaling and self-exploration. Or, you can just use Kolorlan to create beautiful artwork and gifts. So, if you’re interested in the art and gifts element, you can skip the next section and follow this link to go straight to the section that tells you about Kolorlan art.

The Kolorlan System Contents

The Kolorlan System is a beautiful pack for you to enjoy. It contains everything you need to explore a daily practice that will connect you back to yourself and transform your life.

Image of the Kolorlan System from Find My Energy Ltd

Your pack gives you:

  • 45 Colour Cards, linked to the 15 Chakras of your body
  • 5 Practice cards
  • 15 gel pens to use for colouring
  • 15 high quality postcards with beautiful geometric designs
  • A colouring journal with 45 daily practices
  • The Kolorlan System guidebook to explain the practices and support your journey of growth

Your Daily Practice

This practice is simple. Start by picking out one of the five practice cards. This will instruct you on how many colours to work with today. Following those instructions, choose your colours from your Colour Cards pack. Each colour is linked to a Chakra, and your guidebook will explain the meanings behind those. Explore how those meanings relate to whatever challenge you are facing today and, if you desire, spend some time journaling about what comes up for you.

Then, take the coloured pens that relate to your chosen colour cards and use them to colour your design. You might choose to work with one of the beautiful postcards. Or you may prefer to complete the practice in your colouring journal.

This sounds simple and fun. It is! Yet, it also paves the way for incredible transformation. On one level, you can simply enjoy some mindful, relaxing time working with colours. On a deeper level, this practice invites you to connect back to your authentic self. Once you begin living from that place, you will find you have more energy, experience more joy, and attract more abundance into your life.

Does that sound too good to be true? You are very welcome to try one of the daily practices for free, right now. Just follow this link to leave your details, choose your practice, and I will email it to you.

Metaphors and Metamorphoses

As you notice the images on this page, I am sure you can’t help but notice how they are a literal metaphor for transformation. Living with a chronic health condition, or chronic challenges like anxiety and overwhelm is incredibly debilitating. It may feel as if you are living a black and white existence, filled with pain and constriction, rather than joy and abundance.

The colour practices are providing the metamorphosis on the paper that you desire in your life. Returning you – or perhaps bringing you for the first time – to full spectrum colour.

So, is this all the Kolorlan System is…a cute metaphor?

The science behind the system

I use the term “science” loosely because I know there will be many who assume that the science to which I refer is simply pseudoscience. (If you are one of those people, then this blog post may be helpful to read).

Chromotherapy and Sacred Geometry

For those of you who are willing to take a slightly broader view, the Kolorlan System has emerged from my own training and studies in a number of different areas. Chromotherapy (I have a Diploma in Colour Therapy), which has been used for health and healing since ancient Egypt. Also bioenergetics (I am a certified Bioenergetic Health Coach as well). This is a much newer branch of scientific study. It was officially recognised by the National Institute of Health in 1992. Yet, understanding the human body as the physical expression of a wider energy field is not new. That is, in fact, what Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and (yes, you guessed it!), Ancient Egyptian medicine, has known about for millennia.

Finally, we have Sacred Geometry, which has inspired the designs you will be colouring. If you’re not sure what Sacred Geometry is, or didn’t even realise it existed, follow this link to discover more.

Addressing trauma and chonic disease

We, in the West, have become so obsessed with materialistic science and the physical level of reality, that we have lost contact with powerful ancient wisdom. And, marvellous as Western medicine can be, it doesn’t have all the answers. So, do you accept that there are some diseases and issues that we simply have to accept? Or do you prefer to explore more widely and recognise that other cultures and ideas might have something to offer?

You will also find elements of my training as a Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach coming into play in the Kolorlan System. Alongside my studies with various trauma specialists, that bring in an understanding of the nervous system and the process of healing from trauma.

Your System Guidebook explains all of these areas in much greater detail. You don’t have to understand them in order to benefit from the system. Some of you may be curious. And for some, that deeper understanding might unlock even deeper healing. All you really need to know is that there is “method to this madness”…!

How do you get your Kolorlan System?

The packs are currently in production. So, if you are keen to try this system for yourself, I recommend that you first sign up for a free practice pack. See how you enjoy that. I will then contact you to let you know when the Kolorlan packs are available and how to purchase yours.

Kolorlan Art and Gifts

The Kolorlan System also enables you to enjoy creating some wonderful art…even when you don’t consider yourself to be an artist! In actual fact, every single one of us is an artist. Creativity is something innate to everyone. Yet, it is often crushed out of us by our experiences growing up.

My first art teacher at school told me I was rubbish at art. She largely based this pronouncement on the fact that I couldn’t draw a perfect circle free-hand! Yet, I loved art and drawing: I just felt I “shouldn’t” do it because I had no talent. How many of you identify with something similar?

“Talent” is a fairly subjective term. Moreover, I ask the question: do you need to be “talented” to enjoy doing something? No. Creativity, self-expression, art are all part of human nature. We do them because we feel moved to, not because we’re talented. And the process of art – in any form – has something magical about it. You can lose yourself in the flow. Find your daily annoyances and problems melting away. Get back into contact with parts of yourself that you had forgotten. We all need those things.

Yet, if you have grown up with some unhelpful beliefs about your artistic ability, it can be difficult to take that first step and begin creating. So, let me invite you to try creating with the Kolorlan System.

Create beautiful artwork on canvas

It’s simple to create beautiful wall art with the Kolorlan System. Start by choosing your design and ordering the canvas. You will receive a high-quality canvas print, ready to colour and mount on the wall.

Then, you can use a Kolorlan Practice to help you decide on the colours to use. Work with the Kolorlan pens to colour your canvas. Hang it on your wall and enjoy it! Nothing could be simpler or more fun.

This is fully supported by video tutorials that will guide you through simple ideas for creating artwork that looks stunning. So, you can’t get it wrong.

Give the gift of beautiful greetings cards

If wall art isn’t your thing, then how about a greetings card? Choose from a range of designs on cards in either A5 or A6 size. Again, use the Kolorlan System to guide you in creating a beautiful work of art. Then send it to your friend or loved one.

Since the colours in this system all convey special meanings, you can choose colours that send a personal message. To discover more, follow this link.

Here’s what people are saying about the Kolorlan System

I never imagined such a simple, fun past-time could bring me so much self-awareness and growth. Kolorlan is changing my life for the better!