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If you are simply looking for more information about Chronic Fatigue, then my blog is a great place to start. However, if you would like a more structured approach, you may want to visit my Self-help guide to exiting the maze of Chronic Fatigue. You can find that at this link.

Immediately below, you can access my most recent blog posts. Naturally, the topic of chronic fatigue is pretty huge! So, I write blogs to cover topics that seem important at the moment. For example, covering topics that answer specific questions from all of you in the Find My Energy community.

The most recent blog posts are a really simple way to keep track of the latest news and discussion. However, you may be looking for much wider information. And the chances are, I have written something covering the question you have in mind. So, you can also check out the categories list below…

Finding what you need

I try to organise my blog posts according to certain categories. So, if you want to view older posts, start by clicking on the category that seems closest to the area about which you would like to know more. You don’t need to worry about getting things too precise. Some topics fall under more than one category. So, I’ve made sure to place each post in all the relevant categories.

You can simply pick a category and begin browsing for articles. Or you can use the search bar immediately below… Just ask your question and that should bring up all the relevant posts on that topic.

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