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Your Quiz Results are Below…

Congratulations – you did great! There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to your quiz results. Your beliefs are your beliefs, and all beliefs are welcome. At the same time, it is true that some beliefs will be more supportive when you are seeking recovery from…well, just about anything really…!

So, here are some facts that you may not know, but which might impact your current belief system:

  • The science of epigenetics has revealed that 95% of our genes can be switched on or off…we’re not a slave to our genetic make-up after all. This is spectacular news – we have more power over our physical health than we imagined!
  • The scientific study of psychoneuroimmunology has been revealing how our thoughts, emotions and beliefs lead directly to physiological symptoms. More good news: this opens up a whole new set of tools for healing symptoms that previously seemed impossible to overcome.
  • And, another fun fact…in the Four Levels of Creation model, 99% of your physical experience is a result of the psycho-emotional and intuitive patterns in your energy field! And guess what? We have tools for correcting any imbalanced patterns in your energy field.

That’s pretty mind-blowing stuff!

Now, you may feel some resistance to these ideas. Perhaps you are thinking that if your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are responsible for so much, that must mean you are to blame for whatever challenge brought you here.

STOP! Think again! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever thought patterns, belief systems or emotions you hold, you can be sure that they are there because they allowed you to survive. At some point, you (or your ancestors…some of this stuff is inherited), developed these patterns in response to some kind of trauma. And guess what…? You’re here, reading this today, because of that.

So, there is nothing “wrong” with the way you are thinking. The thing is, whatever traumas prompted those survival adaptations, they are most likely NOT your current experience. So, you have the freedom to let them go now. Perhaps you won’t want to do that. But if they are preventing you from enjoying the life you desire, maybe you do wish to start letting go of some of these things, and opening the path to healing and recovery.

As we look through your quiz results, I’ll be sharing the next steps you can take if you do want to start changing some of your beliefs. And if you’re not holding any beliefs that you want to change, that’s even better… We’ll still look at your next steps too!

Your Quiz Results

Just before I reveal your quiz results, let me explain what the scores mean…

Caterpillar Thinking, Find My Energy website

Caterpillar Thinking…

…anything that scores a zero.

These beliefs aren’t going to propel you forwards, and they may even end up holding you back if you are seeking lasting transformation…

…But the good news is: I can help you with simple tools to change your beliefs, if that is what you wish.

If you’re curious, and would like to learn more, follow this link to book a FREE discovery call with me.

Butterfly Thinking…

…anything that scores a two.

These beliefs will fully support you as you pursue your goal of finding lasting transformation…

…You’re already on the right track: it’s time to work out where your biofield needs support and is ready for change. This is a simple process that you can achieve through bioenergetics.

Not sure what that is? Well, the quickest way to find out is to book a free scan to find out if this can help you. Follow this link to book your scan now.

Find My Energy, transform your life.
The question:Answer:Score:
Do you believe recovery from chronic fatigue is possible?Yes2
Don’t know1
Do you believe you (personally) can live an energised life?Yes2
Don’t know1
Do you believe that your genes are causing your illness?Yes0
Don’t know1
Do you believe that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions cause physical symptoms?Yes2
Don’t know1
Do you believe conventional/allopathic medicine has – or will have – all the answers?Yes0
Don’t know1

What do you make of your quiz results?

So, how are you feeling about that? There is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel. This is just information. And information is what guides you to make choices. In turn, your choices will determine your experience.

So, let me briefly share a little about those quiz results. What do they mean, and how should you proceed next?

Interpreting your score…

If you scored the maximum of ten points, you have a great foundation for recovery. This means you believe that it is possible to recover, to live an energised life (questions 1 and 2). You aren’t telling yourself a story about this being out of your control (question 3). And you would be willing to recognise and explore the field of thought, belief and emotion, which is all held in your biofield (question 4). Moreover, you are (presumably) willing to investigate healing modalities and ideas that you might not find in the world of conventional allopathic medicine…at least not yet!

If you scored less than ten, that’s fine. It simply provides us with a view as to where you should look first. It is very normal to question our ability to heal. We have been brought up to believe certain things about health and healing. So, we tell ourselves certain stories about what is – or is not – possible. Now, if you wish to let go of some of those stories, that might be the first step for you. And I can certainly help you to explore that.

If you scored zero, then I will be completely honest: right now, what I have to offer on the Find My Energy website is probably not for you. And that’s OK. It doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t heal. Simply keep searching for the answers that work for you. You will find whatever you need at the optimum time for you!

Next steps

When I first became sick, in 2002, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to hear about bioenergetics, or look outside conventional medicine. Nor would I have been open to the idea of emotions causing physical pain. But my opinions changed over time. That led me down the road that brought me recovery and induced me to train in bioenergetics.

So, if you feel I might have something to offer you, please book a free call with me. If you wish to explore the bioenergetic solution, book a free scan. If you’re not sure about that yet, just book a discovery call and we can have a chat, work out where you are, and how best I can support you. And if you feel that Find My Energy is not your path right now, then I am sending you my very best wishes and hopes to find the health and energy you desire.