Whole person health is the key to solving any human problem. Find My Energy, Katie Dean

What do we mean by Whole Person Health?

You may have heard the term “whole person health” before. This concept isn’t unique to Find My Energy, but I do use it in a very specific way. So, let me try and explain what I mean by this term and how it is going to help you overcome whatever problem brought you here.

Detail of pink flowers. Metaphor for the idea that we separate and focus small when we are trying to solve a problem. Find My Energy, Katie Dean

The first mistake most of us make…

When we are faced with a problem, most of us tend to think small. Get down into the details. Examine things close up, from a narrow perspective… Just like the photo.

So, if your problem is with your health, your focus will go first to your physical body. Then narrow in to the specific symptoms. And narrow further to the specific organ or system to which those symptoms relate. And, that can be a great approach… But only if it allows you to solve your problem.

When it comes to chronic, complex illness, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), you may have discovered how hard it is to recover just using this perspective.

If you’ve been encountering problems in your career, then you may have noticed a similar pattern. The big problem might be that you feel like you should be achieving more. Maybe you’re struggling to get that promotion. Or perhaps you’re running your own business and finding it hard to grow to the next level.

Again, you may have been approaching this problem by getting into the details. Thinking that if you can just master a specific skill set, that will qualify you for promotion. Or, perhaps searching for the optimal sales funnel that you can bring into your business.

And, of course these things are necessary. But if you’ve been learning new skills and implementing new business strategies, and not seeing the results you desire, what are you missing?

Image of a natural landscape. Metaphor for whole person health. Solving problems needs to address issues at all levels of the human. Find My Energy, Katie Dean.

So, what should we do instead?

The solution is actually very simple. I have discovered this to be true no matter what problem I have tried to overcome.

We need to widen our perspective and recognise the need to address the problem from the perspective of whole person health.

In other words, we need to recognise that, as humans, we have a physical body, a mental body (mind), an emotional body (feelings) and a spiritual body (soul). These are not separate parts that function independently of one another. They function together as a whole.

So, if we are experiencing a problem and struggling to find a solution, have we been looking at the wrong part? We may be feeling the problem in a specific area, but is that really where the problem actually originated?

Let me ask you to consider whether you’ve been trying to solve your problem(s) from the whole person health perspective, or simply by focusing on one part. And we’ll take a look at some examples to help you understand this idea more clearly.

A few examples to illustrate the idea of whole person health

Example 1 – Recovering from CFS

The first example I want to use is my own recovery from CFS. You can read my full recovery story at this link. For now, let’s keep to the main points.

When I first became ill, I was convinced that the solution lay in my physical body. This is what we are taught about illness, and it is true information. My physical body had developed all sorts of problems with the CFS. I had the symptoms of sore throat, swollen lymph glands, debilitating fatigue, feeling flu-like, headaches, nausea. My doctor carried out multiple blood tests and failed to find any markers that could explain these symptoms.

I turned to a doctor who worked in functional medicine. He carried out different blood tests, analysed the results from a different perspective, and found a significant problem with the functioning of my Mitochondria. He treated that, but I didn’t fully heal.

I could have continued searching for different doctors, with different perspectives on my individual physical symptoms. And I did, for a while. That didn’t really move me much further forward.

Eventually, reluctantly, I had to widen my perspective. I began to examine what was going on in my mental and emotional body. Again, experts in these fields identified issues, and offered me protocols to address those issues. I improved some more, but still wasn’t fully recovered.

Finally, I widened my search to the last body: my spiritual body. And I found – and addressed – more issues. At last, I was covering all the bases, and guess what? I actually recovered fully.

Example 2 – Growing my business

As I look back on the evolution of my business, Beadflowers, I can see a similar process at work. I began this business quite by accident. It evolved from a hobby that was simply helping me survive the experience of living with CFS.

Then, after losing my job, I found myself needing this “accidental business” to provide me with a living wage. I did all the “right” things… Researched my market. Checked out the competition. Built an email list. Sent out offers. Learned from experts in digital marketing. Invested in some courses and training.

But I kept hitting a ceiling. And that ceiling wasn’t high enough to be supporting me financially!

Then, I realised something – quite by accident. I may have been doing all the right things from a strategic, physical perspective. But the products I was creating and selling weren’t fulfilling my spirit. I was trying to create what other people were creating because I believed that’s what would sell. As soon as I started creating from a space of passion, my sales took off. I was no longer “just another designer” – I was creating in my unique niche.

But I hit another ceiling. And had to look into another area of myself. This time, the mindset behind my message. Did I actually believe I was truly worthy of earning a living from doing something I loved?

Unpacking the mental beliefs, consequent behaviours and emotions, brought me to the next level of success. Ultimately, my business was funding me to pay for the treatment that led to recovery from CFS. And I ended up earning more than I had been earning when I left my (extremely well-paid, high-powered) job in the corporate world.

What messages should you take away from these two examples?

Although I was dealing with very different problems, I managed to solve both simply by using the concept of Whole Person Health. In other words, by identifying the blocks occurring in all areas of my human whole. Not just focusing on one single area.

Also, although I ended up addressing all four areas in order to solve each problem, I did this in different orders. So, it isn’t necessary to follow things in order. That may be helpful for some people, or for some problems. But the most important factor is simply to cover all the bases.

This is an idea that you can explore more fully through The Energy Maze. Follow this link to explore that area.

Are you ready to start overcoming your problems?

If you would like to understand more about the foundations underpinning Find My Energy, you are welcome to keep exploring. I will give you some more tips in a moment. But really, why wait? If you want to make progress and transform whatever areas of life are currently holding you back, just start now! Pick the best option for your current needs and get started today…

Can Whole Person Health Really Help You?

Now, you might be worried that this is all a little bit complicated. I mean, it probably seems hard enough to be dealing with just your physical body, or physical environment. And here I am telling you that you need to be looking at another three “bodies”. Not to mention that, for some of you, the idea of exploring your emotions, or considering your soul, may feel rather challenging.

So, you are certainly free to continue as you have been. Just keep seeking for the one magic pill, or the amazing doctor, or the perfect sales funnel, or a better job. But let me invite you to consider some questions…

How much time have you already spent on that search? How much money have you spent? And are you where you hoped you would be?

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you probably haven’t reached your desired outcome…yet. And I’m also guessing that you believe it is possible to reach that outcome. You’re simply wondering if Find My Energy is the way to achieve your goal, or not.

So, you can book a free discovery call with me. We’ll have a 30-minute chat over Zoom, take a look at your problem, and see how I can help you solve it. There’s no obligation to do anything more than have that chat. If that sounds helpful to you, then follow this link to book your free discovery call.

Everything is Energy, Einstein Quote. Find My Energy.

What tools do I use to help you with whole person health?

Although it may sound complicated to be trying to identify problems across multiple areas of your life, it’s actually very simple. All the information required to identify these problems is currently stored in your Energy field. And, using the science of Bioenergetics, we can scan your field and identify the precise areas that need addressing.

If you want to learn more about that process, follow this link to discover the wonders of Bioenergetics.

In addition to that, I also use the tools of NLP and QTT to help you create transformation at the root level. So, if you do happen to identify that you are carrying some emotions that aren’t helping you right now, we can address and heal that.

If you would like to learn more about how this process of Transformational Coaching really works, including the science behind it, follow this link.

All the tools and techniques I teach and use with you are rooted in Quantum Physics. As Einstein said, “Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Trust me, I’m a doctor!

Now, I am not a medical doctor, but I do hold a doctorate from Cambridge University. I (accidentally) spent twenty years researching the topic of Energy, through my lived experience. Then, I realised that my lived experience had something valuable to offer others. So, I began actively investing time and money in studying Bioenergetics, Transformational Coaching, Trauma, and many other avenues besides.

This means that you don’t have to be alone in worrying about whether you’re identifying and addressing every area of your whole person health. As your coach, it’s my job to keep you on track, to support you, and hold you accountable for overcoming your problems and thriving in your own life.

So, if you are interested in working with me, just follow one of the paths below to take your first step today…

Find your energy. Book a free scan to learn how to boost your body's energy today.

The best part for me is that Katie provides a safe space to explore symptoms and issues. There is no judgement, just discussions and suggestions on how I could move forward in the areas I wished to work on. Not only have a number of my CFS symptoms improved, but I feel that I have regained some control over health and a better understanding of my condition.

— Lesley B.
Image of a flower, inspiring positivity, on the Find My Energy website. Chronic Fatigue help.

Within two weeks I wasn’t feeling tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I take a new scan and get my latest Infoceuticals. As I feel better in myself, this is feeding through and I have more energy to put into my business, so that is benefitting too. This is really getting to the root of the problem and it feels amazing!

— Kate S.
Find My Energy, transform your life.

Katie is a wonderfully warm and supportive individual. She is always ready to listen, very knowledgeable and offers great advice when needed. I like the fact that she also is straight speaking and not afraid to call me out or push me when she knows I need it. I’ve leaned on Katie as a mentor and found her invaluable.

— Chloe S.